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VMIP | Messgeräte|Messdatenerfassung | VTI Instruments, Corp.

Modular, High-Density Instrumentation

Serie VMIP
Kategorie Messgeräte|Messdatenerfassung
Beschreibung • Modular high-density design saves mainframe space
• Mix and match up to three modules in a single-slot VM9000 carrier
• Each module is an independent device with a unique logical address
• Access to TTL Trigger bus facilitates hardware handshaking with other VXI devices
Produktalternative The award-winning VXI Modular Instrumentation Platform (VMIPTM), delivers a level of modularity for instruments that is unmatched in the industry. It allows a single VXIbus slot th
Arbeitstemperatur Modular, High-Density Instrumentation
SubKategorie Meter
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